Launching New Journals in 2024

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Genomic Press, a pioneering new force in scientific publishing, is set to introduce cutting-edge scholarly journals in early 2024!

As we embark on our mission to revolutionize scientific publishing, not only within genomics but also across diverse fields, we proudly announce the forthcoming launch of two groundbreaking publications.

These journals symbolize more than just platforms for disseminating research; they embody our dedication to fostering meaningful discussions and collaborations within these dynamic scientific domains.

We eagerly invite researchers from around the globe to prepare for the submission of their exceptional and high-quality research papers. 

Join us on this transformative journey into the future of novel concepts and scientific discovery!

Genomic Psychiatry: Advancing Science from Genes to Society represents a paradigm shift in genetics journals by interweaving advances in genomics and genetics with progress in all other areas of contemporary psychiatry. We publish papers of the highest quality from any area within the continuum that goes from genes and molecules to neuroscience, clinical psychiatry, and public health. For details, please visit the journal’s website.

Brain Medicine: From Neurons to Behavior and Better Health is a new home for the cross-disciplinary pathway from innovation in fundamental neuroscience to translational initiatives in brain medicine. Our scope includes the underlying science, causes, outcomes, treatments, and societal impact of brain disorders, across all clinical disciplines and their interface. To know more, please go to the journal’s website.

Psychedelics: The Journal of Psychedelic Pharmacology is exclusively dedicated to the latest advancements in the realm of psychedelic substances and their potential therapeutic uses. We embrace the full spectrum of research, from fundamental investigations to cutting-edge clinical studies. We welcome diverse perspectives and contributions, advancing the understanding of psychedelic compounds. For further info, go to the journal’s website.

As part of our commitment to excellence, we provide detailed and comprehensive guidelines across all our journals. Whether you are submitting research articles, reviews (including systematic reviews), commentaries, news & views, correspondence, or other manuscript types, our unified Author Instructions offer invaluable support. By streamlining the submission process, we make it more user-friendly. Join us in advancing scientific knowledge and shaping the future of research. For further details, please go to Author Instructions.

Our Open Access model will ensure that the vital insights you uncover are made widely available, breaking down barriers in knowledge exchange and maximizing the impact of your work.

More detailed information about each journal, including submission guidelines and editorial policies, will be available soon. Please stay tuned and visit each journal’s dedicated webpage through the links below for further updates.

At Genomic Press, we eagerly anticipate sharing these new platforms for scientific dialogue and discovery. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, charting new territories in genomic psychiatry and psychedelic pharmacology.

A new era of scientific publishing has begun!


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